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Project Information
  • Carpentry Scope: Manufacturing of solid wooden stalls with mirror frame.
  • Painting scope: NC white paint, natural polish.
  • Accessories: Mirror, aluminum hangers.
  • Additional Works: Transportation & fixation.
  • Location: Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, Qusais, Dubai.
  • Commercial Type: Stalls.
About Project

This project was aimed at making and fixing of the exhibition shops aimed at reviving history by displaying and selling of artifacts. This cultural event takes place after 2 to 3 months aimed at bringing the Emirati locales close to their history as well as attracting foreigners to learn much about arab culture. Joinery Dubai made these stalls out of pure solid meranti wood. Each shop was also installed with a mirror in the middle and three shelves on right panels of each shop to display the artifacts. The shop's outlines were polished natural while the shelves and the wooden panels of the mirror were painted white. These stalls were to be completed within limited time frame testing our efficiency and by a margin we were able to clinch victory over time frame. Joinery Dubai feels happy to be a part of this great movement. ~BY JOINERY DUBAI. MADE FOR MINISTRY OF HUMAN RESOURCES & EMIRATISATION.

Joinery Dubai & Technical Services excel in:

  • Joinery services.
  • Painting / Repainting.
  • Partitioning.
  • Cladding.
  • Movers / Relocation.
  • False ceiling.
  • Upholstery.
  • Electrical services.
  • Plumbing Services.
  • Flooring & tiling.
  • Masonry works.
  • AC services.
  • Cleaning services.

Brief interior view of a single stall demonstrating the huge wooden framed mirror and floating shelves installed within each stall along with hangers to hang stuffs.

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Joinery Dubai & Project 4 Breakdown

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Project 4 Segments:

  • Brief interior view of a single stall demonstrating the huge wooden framed mirror and floating shelves installed within each stall along with hangers to hang stuffs.
  • Full view of the stalls in ministry of human resources and emiratization showing the lavishly manufactured stalls.
  • Side view of the stalls displaying the type of solid meranti wood we have used to manufacture these stalls along with natural polishing using sealer and lacquer.