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Project Information
  • Carpentry Scope: Manufacturing of decorative storage cabinet.
  • Painting scope: NC beige paint.
  • Accessories: Glass, design moldings, soft closing hinges, handles.
  • Additional Works: Transportation & fixation.
  • Location: Hor Al Anz, Deira.
  • Residence Type: Villa.
About Project

This project comprised of manufacturing of decorative storage cabinet for a dining room based in a villa located in Hor Al Anz, Deira. It was manufactured out of beige melamine MDF with doors painted beige on the exterior to match the theme of the dining room. The lower cabinets were installed to hide away messy stuffs. While the upper cabinets were installed with big glass doors so as to display beautiful and exotic crockery and artifacts. The doors were installed with beautiful antique handles colored off-white and golden. The door panels and the cabinet top was installed with antique molding to enhance the game plan of the decorative storage cabinetry. ~BY JOINERY DUBAI. MADE FOR A VILLA IN HOR AL ANZ, DEIRA, UAE FOR ONE OF OUR ESTEEMED CUSTOMER (DOCTOR SULTAN).

Joinery Dubai & Technical Services excel in:

  • Joinery services.
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  • Movers / Relocation.
  • False ceiling.
  • Upholstery.
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  • Masonry works.
  • AC services.
  • Cleaning services.

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Joinery Dubai & Project 3 Breakdown

Joinery Dubai & Technical Services is a one stop warehouse where you can get all your technical service requirements fulfilled. We provide all kind of possible technical services may it be electrical services in Dubai, plumbing services in Ajman, upholstery services in Ras Al Khaimah, wall cladding services in Abu Dhabi, furniture painting services in Fujairah, hall partition services in Sharjah and masonry services in Umm Al Quwain. But after our carpentry services and furniture painting services, the service that we specialize in is hall divider / hall partition services. Hall partition plays a very important role when the rooms are quite big and are more of a hall. The benefits of hall divider is that it allocates different space to multiple people may it be for home office purpose, gaming purpose or privacy purpose. Hall divider doesn't let you destroy big spaces and the divisions are available in different materials, multiple designs which takes the rather empty hall game plan to another level. Hall divider can be done using gypsum, wood and glass along with wooden or gypsum mashrabiya designs. As we custom make hall divider, we can make it in any size, design or material upon customers request, desires and needs. Feel free to contact Joinery Dubai & Technical Services at anytime through WhatsApp / Call on: 056-8984679 and we will be happy to guide you.

Project 3 Segments:

  • Manufacturing of decorative storage cabinet consisting of shelving, upper glass doors and lower hidden storage with antique moldings on top all painted beige color for a villa in Hor Al Anz, Deira, UAE.

Scratch To End

  • We were contacted by one of our oldest and dearest client Doctor Sultan.
  • He wanted something quite decorative for his dining room, but not just decorative he wanted something that could be used to hide away stuff also.
  • So Joinery Dubai came up with the solution of decorative storage cabinet.
  • Made in off white with painted door and glass panels it just elevated the game plan of the dining room.
  • Doctor Sultan felt very happy at the end of the project and he offered more work after the completion of this project.
  • Joinery Dubai always feels happy to serve its dear customers, we at Joinery Dubai consider our customers as part of our family.