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About Project

The project comprised of manufacturing of fancy display cabinets for hotels and restaurants. Our first ever trolley was a success hit, manufactured with the combination of old and modern art, installed with spindles, antique wheels and design moldings painted golden, it was a treat to the eyes. The major purpose of this trolley was to act as a stall powering its owner to display his/her products in a visually treating way, thus attracting more customer. More orders were exported to several other high class hotels within UAE especially Dubai.
      The combination of these trolleys were made for hotels located at Al Seef Marina by Meraas, one of them was polished red rich mahogany and the other a combination of grey paint and natural polish respectively. The trolleys were installed with aluminum rods to hang away towels, stopper wheels were installed below.

Joinery Dubai & Technical Services excel in:

  • Joinery services.
  • Painting / Repainting.
  • Partitioning.
  • Cladding.
  • Movers / Relocation.
  • False ceiling.
  • Upholstery.
  • Electrical services.
  • Plumbing Services.
  • Flooring & tiling.
  • Masonry works.
  • AC services.
  • Cleaning services.

Project Information
  • Carpentry Scope: Manufacturing of two similar design hotel trolleys and one artistic display trolley.
  • Painting scope: Polishing of all three trolleys, mahogany polish, natural polish, grey paint.
  • Accessories: Wheels, spindles, aluminum rods, design moldings.
  • Additional Works: Transportation
  • Location: Al Seef by Meraas and Wafi City, Dubai.
  • Commercial Type: Hotel / Restaurant.

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Joinery Dubai & Project 22 Breakdown

Joinery Dubai has been providing luxurious services around UAE constantly for over last 30 years. Our work speaks for itself and we have got strong positive word of mouth for ourselves. We provide timely and clean services to our clients in the form of carpentry services done by professional carpenters, electrician services, furniture painting services done by professional painters, plumbing services, upholstery services with a vivid range of fabrics to choose from, kitchen cabinets, masonry services and cleaning services offered at competitive price.

Project 22 Segments:

  • Manufacturing of food trolley made for a restaurant in al seef by meraas, dubai.
  • The trolley made for a hotel in dubai was polished dark mahogany consisting of SS wheels and aluminum rod.
  • The trolley manufactured using ash veneer polished natural on the table top with spindles painted dark grey.
  • The combination of two trolleys lavishly designed to serve esteemed customers at restaurants situated within UAE.
  • Full view of the fancy trolley used for display purpose at malls or hotels situated within dubai.
  • Close up of beautiful solid wooden trolley showcasing golden painted design moldings along with solid wooden artistic wheels.
  • The mashrabiya fence on top of the trolley added much beauty to it for hotels and restaurants located in Dubai.
  • Far view of the fancy trolley displaying the spindles attached to them giving the purpose of handles.

Scratch To End

  • We were contacted by a contractor, he wanted us to make different kind of trolleys, some trolleys serving as stalls designed exotically placed within malls for sale purpose and the other trolleys being used as serving purpose within 5 star restaurants and hotels.
  • The contractor had links with shops within wafi mall and restaurants in Al Seef by Meraas.
  • The trolley designed for stall purpose were made using solid meranti wood and plywood installed with mashrabiya and design spindles.
  • The trolleys designed for restaurants were made for serving purpose with castors beneath, two tier shelving and aluminum rod to hang towels.
  • Both mini projects ended at high with lot of appreciation aimed at our project.
  • We were happy to provide our services to malls within Dubai and restaurants in Al Seef, Dubai.