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About Project

This project comprised of multiple mini projects:

1) Tinted with glossy white paint and polished with sander polisher. This exotically finished product just elevated the game plan of the bedroom. Dressing table induced with 6 knob less angled edge drawers with huge mirror surrounded by bulbs. The dressing table top covered by bevelling mirror. Additionally, a contemporary looking decorative cabinet attached to the right induced with push doors. And on the left a plant house with 3 sides made of glass consisting of LED light inside.
2) This exotically manufactured bed was manufactured from MDF. The bed was finished with extreme glossy white paint with additional shine and grinding applied. The bed was installed with two compact floating drawers fitted within the bedsides itself. To give it a contemporary look the drawers were made knob less.
3) Contemporary designed dressing table dipped in exuberant dark mahogany and glossy white paint giving it a contrasting look and feel. Installed with drawers, shelves and doors at abstract locations gives this dressing table a somewhat trendy look with huge mirror filled with bulbs. The doors were installed with push system and the drawers edge were made slanty replacing them with the knobs.

Joinery Dubai & Technical Services excel in:

  • Joinery services.
  • Painting / Repainting.
  • Partitioning.
  • Cladding.
  • Movers / Relocation.
  • False ceiling.
  • Upholstery.
  • Electrical services.
  • Plumbing Services.
  • Flooring & tiling.
  • Masonry works.
  • AC services.
  • Cleaning services.

Project Information
  • Carpentry Scope: Manufacturing of two dressing tables and one bed with floating side tables.
  • Painting scope: Gloss white PU paint, mahogany polish, NC white paint.
  • Accessories: Glass, soft closing telescopic railing, bed clumps, hollywood style bulbs, bevelled mirror.
  • Additional Works: Transportation & fixation.
  • Location: Al Barsha, Dubai.
  • Residence Type: Villa.

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Joinery Dubai & Project 15 Breakdown

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Project 15 Segments:

  • Bed painted glossy white consisting of two floating bedside tables mounted onto the bed's headboard for a villa in al barsha, dubai.
  • Dressing table made consisting of centre dresser with bevelled mirror with surround LED light bulbs, a bookcase and planter surrounded by glass coverings.
  • The dresser installed with handle less drawers for a bedroom in dubai.
  • side view of the bookcase installed with lower and upper doors that were made with a push / pull system.
  • The bookcase was installed with abstract shelves in a villa located in al barsha dubai.
  • Close view of the floating bedside table. Custom made bedside table dubai.
  • Far view of the bed that was manufactured for the bedroom located in al barsha dubai and was painted glossy white.
  • Closer view of the drawer for the dressing table showing the beauty of each drawer unit.
  • The dressing table made with abstract colors and designs. The dressing table was painted white and polished dark mahogany consisting of bevelled mirror and oddly placed shelves and storage areas for a residence in dubai.
  • L-Type glossy white painted wardrobe consisting of shelves and hangers with huge doors for a house in dubai. Best carpentry dubai.

Scratch To End

  • We were contacted by one of our esteemed client from Al Barsha, Dubai (Salwai).
  • She wanted her daughter's room made that involved manufacturing of a bed, dressing table with storage area and plant house, replacement of cabinet doors and re-polishing of dressing table.
  • The dressing table was made using plain MDF painted glossy white along with hollywood style mirror frame along with storage area consisting of shelves and small push / pull doors and a plant house installed with spotlight and a glass panel.
  • The bed was made using plain MDF with floating drawer units attached to it with also painted glossy white.
  • The replacement of the cabinet doors involved painting of the cabinet doors PU gloss white and the re-polishing of dressing table involved painting of PU gloss white and polishing of dark mahogany giving the dressing table an abstract look and feel.
  • The client was left extremely happy with our work with ending the project journey with beautiful words of appreciation.
  • This brought our project to end at Al Barsha, near union co-operative.
  • Hopefully looking forward to more projects with her.