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Manufacturing of solid meranti wooden door for rear gateway painted chocolate brown along with solid wooden frame for a villa in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.
Project Information
  • Carpentry Scope: Manufacturing of solid meranti wood back door.
  • Painting scope: NC chocolate brown paint.
  • Accessories: Hinges, handle, lock.
  • Additional Works: Transportation & fixation.
  • Location: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.
  • Residence Type: Villa.
About Project

This project comprised of manufacturing of a rear wooden door manufactured out of solid meranti wood. It was polished dark brown using sadolin jet stain. The door was cross designed to give it a better look and feel than the plain door itself. The door was installed with handle, lock and hinges. The door was accompanied by matching meranti wood frames polished same color for the door to sit on.

The reason the door was manufactured out of solid wood was so that it doesn't wear out due to hot and humid conditions. The heat reflecting polish on it added much age to the wooden door and frames. ~BY JOINERY DUBAI. MADE FOR A VILLA IN PALM JUMEIRAH, DUBAI, UAE.

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Joinery Dubai & Project 1 Breakdown

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Project 1 Segments:

  • Manufacturing of solid meranti wooden door for rear gateway painted chocolate brown along with solid wooden frame for a villa in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.

Scratch To End

  • We were approached by one of our dearest and oldest client residing in Palm Jumeirah.
  • As all the villas within Palm Jumeirah have pre built back door installed, she was having issues with her back door.
  • The villas back door was completely ruined, with polish completely worn off and cracks within.
  • We removed and took the door to our warehouse filled up the cracks with steel filling, sanded the wood and applied new coat of varnish. Varnish if you are not aware is used for external purpose. It is the best chemical that protects against immense heat, humidity and water.
  • We fixed the door at her villa with new handle and lock installed.
  • Just as any other client she felt happy and the project ended at high.
  • Happy to serve more customers at Palm Jumeirah.