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Outdoor Furniture Designs By Joinery Dubai

Outdoor Furniture & Break Down

Outdoor furniture plays a very vital role may it be for villas / bungalows, outdoor hoteling, furniture for parks, furniture on sideways. May it be exterior furniture for villas that include sofa sets, loungers and benches, daybeds, tables , patios, sunbeds and pergolas. Furniture for outdoor hotel that includes dining tables, dining chairs and sofas. Solid wooden benches for sideways and parks. Joinery Dubai excels in all and provides its customers with the best hand picked solid woods polished using exterior stains and varnish from a wide range of colors to choose from. Exterior varnish or jet stain are the most important aspect in outdoor furniture. They help protect the furniture for longer times as they make the furniture heat resistant, humid resistant and water resistant and also beautifies the object. The types of solid woods that we use include meranti, ash, burl, rosewood, walnut, beech wood and white wood. The most important thing with solid wood is that it needs to be plained properly, so clean that if you rub hand over, the wooden particles doesn't hurt your skin and which is our utmost rule in business to keep the customer safe from such bruises. Plaining of wood is also important in a way that the paint or polish or stain or varnish sits properly onto the wood giving it an exotic look and feel. Joinery Dubai regarded as one of the finest carpentry services provider along with furniture painting done by professional painters in Dubai. Also its not only the wooden structure that we make for exteriors, its also important to provide upholstery for dining chairs, sofas, sunbeds and we excel in that as well. From a wide range of fabric to choose from, Joinery Dubai provides best upholstery services in Dubai with medicated or normal foaming underneath the fabric along with cushioning and pillows. The kind of furniture that we make for exterior includes:

  • Sofa sets
  • Dining sets
  • Loungers
  • Benches
  • Tables
  • Daybeds
  • Planters
  • Sunbeds
  • Pergolas
  • Patios

Outdoor Furniture Segments:

  • A solid wooden palette bench with concrete support underneath and grey powdered steel partition on top. Bench polished natural and sealed to protect against sun heat. Best outdoor furniture dubai.
  • Dark brown polished solid meranti wood bench consisting of solid wooden back and seat with hand rest area. Custom made sofa set abu dhabi.
  • Solid ash wooden table top coated with exterior walnut varnish for a villa in umm suqeim.
  • Dark mahogany polished small round table top with design spindles as leg support.
  • Contemporary joint bench and table manufactured using solid white wood polished natural consisting of two side benches connected to one middle table. Lavish outdoor table ajman.
  • A small tower table polished red mahogany.
  • Solid meranti wood table with support for umbrella stand to protect against heat accompanied by two solid wooden chairs all polished.
  • Dark brown polished table top with cross legs along with wooden chair along with upholstery for the seat and back.
  • Contemporary mahogany polished bench placed outside mall area. Beautiful planter sharjah.
  • Bench manufactured using solid rosewood along with upholstery and cushioning. Accompanied along with it was also produced a small coffee table. Affordable pergola dubai.
  • Old fashioned mahogany polished bench for exterior place.
  • Exterior dining set consisting of table and chair manufactured using solid meranti wood.