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Guest Room Designs By Joinery Dubai

Guest Room & Break Down

Guest room holds a significant place in a house, its a place reserved only and only for guests visiting you from any part of the globe. And guests coming to the house are considered as Gods and should be treated exceptionally well and in that includes there luxurious room. If we say we should fill guest room with major part of the budget for exquisite furniture it wouldn't be wrong. So to fulfill your desired custom furniture needs for guest room / guest house Joinery Dubai comes into play. We are regarded as the best furniture company in Dubai providing best carpentry services in the town. Additionally, we have proficiency in electrical services in Dubai provided by the best electrician experts in dubai taking care of all the electrical installation and repair within guest room may that be HVAC, air conditioner, fridge, split AC, exhaust, installation of lights, switches, sockets and much more. The guest room furniture that we manufacture includes:

  • Beds
  • Benches
  • Cabinets
  • Chests
  • Chairs
  • Chest of drawers
  • Dressers
  • Luggage racks
  • Sliding doors
  • Sofas & sectionals
  • Wardrobes & closets

Guest Room Segments:

  • Maple painted queen size bed along with side table consisting of drawers for guest room. Best guest room furniture dubai.
  • King size bed along with curtains. Custom bed abu dhabi.
  • Twin single bed painted high gloss black along with centre table made for a villa in hatta.
  • Designing of whole guest room consisting of white upholstered queen size bed, black painted night stand, single white upholstered sofa along with white painted glamorous dresser consisting of massive drawer units made for a residence in palm deira.
  • King size bed with solid wood design spindles and aluminum headboard along with red mahogany polished big bedside tables consisting of drawers. Accompanied with it is a big chest of drawers polished brown.
  • Twin queen size bed along with upholstered sofa set, a beautifully crafted television cabinetry consisting of drawers with marble top. Curvy sofa sharjah.
  • Simple designed queen size bed along with bedside table and a nightstand all polished red mahogany.
  • 2 brown upholstered queen size bed manufactured using solid wood with one huge headboard connected to both beds along with centre table. Wooden door ras al khaimah.
  • A single bed manufactured with design spindles polished brown along with a dressing table consisting of drawers and a mirror with wooden frame all polished the same theme as of the bed. Storage cabinet in fujairah.
  • Bed and side table manufactured using mahogany wood polished natural.
  • Single queen size bed manufactured along with attached bedside table and a curve sofa upholstered with grey cotton fabric. Custom furniture ajman.
  • Beautifully crafted 4 poster bed polished dark red mahogany.
  • Fully upholstered queen size bed along with upholstered sofa set manufactured using solid wood, a bench and a side table with wheels. Painted wooden furniture abu dhabi.
  • Antique grey painted nightstand consisting of drawer made for a residence in business bay.
  • manufacturing of bed set consisting of solid wood bed along with bedside table and a polished storage bench.
  • Mahogany polished bed set consisting of solid wooden bed along with set of bedside tables and an artistically designed wardrobe consisting of doors and drawers.
  • A small polished sideboard consisting of multiple drawers.
  • Manufacturing of guest room consisting of built in small pantry along with solid wooden bench and a table and an upholstered sofa. Pantry manufactured using grey painted MDF.