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Garage Room Designs By Joinery Dubai

Garage Room & Break Down

Garage room is the most important place within a villa or bungalow in the exterior. Garage is not only place where you can park cars or bikes but also a place which can be put to many uses. You can use your garage as a mechanic area where you can store away important tools, you can install workstations there so that whatever you want to work on you can get a separate space that is quite and entirely dedicated to you. Garage room is technically a big area and its floor plan is massive so you can have different kinds of closets and workstations installed. Garage room can be a place where technical aspects can come into physical existence. Joinery Dubai has been making and renovating garage in Dubai for years and we know exactly what garage room needs and requires. We work on the floor plan and let know our customers what would be suitable according to the designated area. We provide garage room painting, wooden furniture manufacturing and installation and with electrical outlets in the form of sockets and switches. The other important technical service that you can require for you garage is flooring & tiling services. Our customers require flooring that are long lasting and durable because garage room floors carry lot of weight and get bruised daily. Joinery Dubai & Technical Services just specializes in that we provide great floor cementing along with leveling of the floor which is the most important aspect. After floor cementing and leveling we then top it with different kind of tiles or stones. Mostly, in garage room its better if the floor is just cemented as it doesn't get bruised and is more durable, but again depending on our dearest customers needs and desires we can swing any way our customers want it made. Joinery Dubai other then these services also specializes in cleaning services that includes water tank cleaning, AC cleaning, swimming pool cleaning and window cleaning. Alongside, we also specialize in masonry services in Dubai, bespoke wardrobes in Dubai, living room furniture in Dubai and custom made bookcase in Dubai. If you want any garage room related works for your villa / bungalow / residence, feel free to contact us at 056-8984679 or send us an email at contact.joinerydubai@gmail.com The types of furniture that we custom make for garage room includes:

  • Cabinets
  • Shelving
  • Wall Units

Garage Room Segments:

  • Chocolate brown painted storage cabinetry with countertop in between acting as a workbench. Best garage furniture dubai.
  • Whole width black painted storage cabinetry consisting of doors and drawer units along with workbench and an area for sink and faucet. Custom wall unit for garage abu dhabi.
  • Shelving unit for garage manufactured using solid white wood with layers of storage space. made for a villa in nad al sheba
  • A L-Type solid wooden bench with storage area underneath made for a villa in nad al hamar.
  • White painted solid wooden door manufactured for a garage area along with architraves and frames. Custom cabinet for garage ras al khaimah.