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Flooring / Tiling

Flooring / Tiling

Are you looking for high quality, yet cost-effective flooring options for your property? Joinery Dubai & Technical Services provides top of the line flooring installation services for residential and commercial clients.
    We focus on installing floors that are all about strength, elegance, and longevity that will boost your property’s value and indoor appeal.
    Joinery Dubai offers a wide array of flooring types, materials, and designs that will completely change the look of your house. Regardless of the flooring type that you choose for your home or business, we guarantee that the installation will be performed flawlessly and that the final finish will impress you.
    The types of materials that we use for flooring include:

1) Laminate (Authentic wood look).
2) Vinyl plank.
3) Solid hardwood.
4) Engineered hardwood.
5) Bamboo.
6) Carpet & rugs.
7) Ceramic or porcelain tile.
8) PVC flooring.
9) Wooden floor molding & trims.

Flooring Segments:

  • PVC wooden parquet flooring for kitchen and living room so that it does not damage the floor underneath also providing aesthetic pleasure to others. Best flooring services in Dubai.
  • Joinery dubai specializes in leveling of the floor before starting to tile. Custom flooring and tiling in Dubai.
  • Unique and abstract tiling and flooring on the bathroom walls. Custom wall tiling in Dubai.
  • Image showing one of the flooring and tiling we did for one house in Jumeirah. Best tiling in Dubai.

Flooring Brief:

We first need to know what flooring means? Flooring stands for permanent covering of the floor or for the work of installing floor covering. Floor covering in general means finish material applied over a floor structure to provide a walking surface.
To apply the floor covering we first need to have a subfloor. A subfloor is a surface that is concrete which is done using cementing or bricks to provide a strong layer for floor covering done using carpeting, tiling, vinyl or laminate. Joinery Dubai also specializes in providing subfloor services by leveling the subfloor done by cementing before application of the floor covering. The breakdown of the flooring is mentioned below briefly:

Hard Flooring

Hard flooring doesn't refer to hardwood flooring. It has a wide range that includes concrete or cement, ceramic tiling, glass tiles and natural stones. Ceramic tiles are the most popular of the lot as they are cost effective and have low maintenance cost. The are square or rectangular shaped and easy to install, replace and remove. The stone flooring are done using slate or marble that are available in different cuts, sizes and thickness.

Wood Flooring

Many different types of woods are used in wooden flooring technique. Woods are fabricated in the forms of planks and parquet. Hardwoods are much more durable than softwoods. Wood flooring is the most expensive in the lot as it provides built-in beautiful wooden textures and grains but the wooden flooring takes the game plan of the room to next level.


Carpet is a soft floor covering made of bound carpet fibers or stapled fibers. Carpeting refers to wall to wall coverage where rug is split all over the area. Carpeting price depends upon fibres per square inch and thickness. So the price can vary too much. The carpets are usually applied through bison kit glue or hook & loop tapes.


Laminate is a type of floor covering that is pretty much visually the same as hardwood but is made using plywood or medium density fibre (MDF) with plastic laminate on top.

Joinery Dubai & Technical Services provides the best flooring services in Dubai. We have the best masons in dubai who have successfully completed tiling projects across different sectors of UAE and are happy to serve more clients with there immense skills in leveling and flooring / tiling. So don't hesitate to call us if you have any flooring related issues. We are happy to serve our customers.