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Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services
Cleaning services provided by Joinery Dubai, as the picture describes Joinery Dubai apply liquid and wiper to the window.  Best cleaning Dubai

Joinery Dubai & Technical Services provide professional cleaning services in the departments listed below:

AC Cleaning

AC cleaning is an absolute must in a country like UAE where we face more summers than winters. AC cleaning at least twice a year is a must so that it ensures that the AC is running to its full capacity making air conditioners worthy enough to instantly cool the surroundings while minimizing the DEWA bills. Also an un-maintained AC unit plays a major role in causing diseases. So avoid these negative aspects and call us now.

Pool Cleaning

Swimming pool hygiene is a very serious matter, as it is related to human body adversely affecting human skin if swimming pool hygiene is not properly taken care of. Joinery Dubai & Technical Services use contemporary methods to ensure that the swimming pool water is kept clean and free from all dirt and grime. Even if you have invested a lot in expensive filtration system still you would require swimming pool maintenance every now and then.

Water Tank Cleaning

Clean water is one of those things that we rarely notice yet we require it at all times. Even though nowadays we drink bottled drinking water but we still want the water coming out of our taps to be clean enough for showering, laundry, cooking and dish-washing. The source of water supply within residential and commercial sectors is a water tank placed within close proximity, so if the water tank is not taken care of after some time the water within gets contaminated. So call us now to take care of you water tanks.

Window Cleaning

In a country like UAE which is surrounded by desert we get to see lot of sand dunes and as a result the residential and commercial buildings may face a problem of untidy windows. Windows in such environment can catch dirt and grime. So it is necessary to get them cleaned every now and then. Joinery Dubai & Technical Services uses the right kind of cleaning equipment and soaps that will help shine your window without scratching it.

Cleaning Brief:

Cleaning is one of the most important aspect you can observe within Dubai, and also as Islam suggests "Cleanliness is half the faith". So we should promote cleanliness procedures. Related to cleanliness, Dubai municipality runs ad campaigns that reads out "keep dubai clean", similar is the situation in other states within UAE. If we jointly promote cleanliness it can kill away huge amount of germs promoting more healthy and increased life expectancy. Also, visually and aesthetically clean environment looks pleasing and boosts positivity within. Joinery Dubai also promotes "Go Green" initiative and whatever work we do we take care of cleanliness taking care of the surrounding environment additionally. So inspired by all the cleanliness motives and operating within for over 30 years we thought of adding an additional sector of cleaning services where we can contribute to interior and exterior environment cleanliness at affordable and competitive rates. Don't hesitate to post in your questions because as we say "No question is bad question", that is why its a question and also get your cleaning work done by Joinery Dubai may it be AC cleaning services, pool cleaning, window cleaning or water tank cleaning. Kindly call / whatsApp us on 056-8984679.