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Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding

Joinery Dubai & Technical Services has considerable expertise in installation of wall cladding. We have a group of professionals who can suggest the type of designs you would need for the walls and finish the project within significant time span.
    The purpose of wall cladding is to provide aesthetic sense to the empty walls. It is up growing concept but is integrating rapidly into the market as more and more people are getting aware about the architectural values.
    Besides visual advantages, wall cladding also has major practical benefits: 1) Adding an extra layer over painted wall serving as a protection. 2) Cancelling out the unwanted noise from outside and limiting the voice within the room.
    The materials used in the installation of wall cladding include:

1) Wood.
2) Metal.
3) Vinyl.
4) Aluminum.

Wall Cladding Segments:

  • White painted wooden cladding along with molding to bring aesthetic beauty to the wall and staircase for a villa in dubai. Best wall cladding dubai.
  • Light brown painted wall cladding to hide away the wiring and sockets behind it. Custom wall cladding dubai.

Wall Cladding Brief:

As the word "cladding" itself means covering or coating on a structure or material so its jointly said as wall cladding because we apply some forms of covering onto the wall, it is also known as wall panel or panelling. Joinery Dubai provides the best wall cladding services within UAE that includes dubai, sharjah, ajman, ras al khaimah, abu dhabi, fujairah and umm al quwain.
Wall cladding process traditionally started by interlocking wood but later extended the usage of metal, vinyl and aluminum. Wall cladding dates back to seventeenth and eighteenth centuries where it actually generated but this was usually done at forts or expensive homes where the homes where made from cold stones and to provide extra layer of beauty to it wooden panelling was applied.
Vinyl and aluminum are relatively cheaper options but in metal it can be expensive depending on the budget of the client he can tend towards MS or SS. But the most beautiful of the lot is wood which can be in the form of melamine, laminate, veneer or solid wood. Melamine and laminate are cheaper options in wood but if you want your home to look visually stunning you definitely need to go for veneer or solid wood. Veneer is the same as wood just the exception is that its cut 2 MM thick and plained after that applied on top of MR MDF. In veneer you have the benefit to select whether you want crown grains or quarter cut grains. You can select from real veneer but as they are less in width, they are interlocked to complete the size and the joints are visible. The other option in the veneer is recon veneer which is artificially generated veneer and less interlocks within plus more affordable. Solid wood panelling is the most expensive and it has got too many interlocks but the benefit being, its less in weight, beautified using jet stain and are ever long lasting. So this was the breakdown of wall cladding.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information regarding wall cladding / wall panel / panelling, we are always happy to help and please do get wall panelling / wall cladding done by joinery dubai for accurate measurements of the wall unit and fixation of panels using silicone and double tape.